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DNA Implantation

DNA Implantation

Dr. Steven Glasgow DD
~spiritual ascension~

~while in your physical body~

Imagine walking in the spiritual world while still in your physical body!

This is much more then the DNA activations that many practitioners are facilitating.

The advanced DNA is physically implanted into the human body through a multidimensional spiritual process called apportation.

Apportation is the spiritual procedure of transferring a material object from one place to another by way of the spiritual dimensions. The Doctors and Angels in the Spirit world transfer the “starter” of “New” DNA into the bone marrow of the spine near the solar plexus. There is no human touching of any kind involved in the DNA implantation procedure.

    When the advanced DNA is successfully implanted it expands at the rate your body is able to accept. This may seem slow, at first, as the DNA grows only as fast as your body can assimilate it. The cells of the human body are replaced naturally on a continuous basis. This New DNA gradually replaces some of the cells that are being replaced, thereby, gradually increasing the “New” DNA in your overall system.

   The eventual results may include, but are not limited to: long healthy life, stronger immune system, ease of communication with the spirit world, easier focus for manifestations, the ability to achieve and maintain ascension level vibration and still be in the human body.


1)    Assessment to ensure that the implantation is for your highest good.

2)    Determination of your current DNA level on a scale of 144 strands.

3)    Detailed explanation of potential after affects.

4)    DNA Implantation via. Apportation.

The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes. 

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